Scoil Eoin Student Council Presentation.

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The twelve members of the Scoil Eoin Student Council held a meeting in The Brogue this morning with Mr. O’Toole and myself, Mrs. Carol Anne O’Donoghue. They have had a particularly busy school year organising The Christmas Shoebox Appeal, The presentation of the Irish flag by the armed forces, 1916 Celebrations and ideas for Jimmy’s Retirement. As I was on maternity leave Mr. O’Toole kindly held the monthly meetings with the pupils. They came up with many wonderful ideas, one of which is an annual award for School Spirit. Mr. O’Toole presented each member with a certificate and a well earned hot chocolate.

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Congrats Mrs. Daly!!

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It is common knowledge that Mrs. Siobhán Daly, one of our Junior Infant teachers is an accomplished athlete. On Friday night last, Siobhán added another feather to her cap as she and her dancing partner Les Brzozka were announced as the judges winners of ‘Castleisland Strictly Come Dancing  2016’. Siobhán and Les gave a fluent and professional performance, resulting in a standing ovation from the incredulous crowd. Siobhán is the second member of staff from Scoil Eoin to have won a Strictly Come Dancing competition. Mrs. Kayrena Bolger won the Ballymac Strictly a few weeks ago. Congrats Siobhán and Les. I won’t be surprised if ye are headhunted for the televised ‘Strictly’ show!!

siobhan d

Réalta Bake Sale 2016.

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The annual Bring and Buy to raise funds for our Réalta classes took place in the assembly hall today. The generosity of our pupils was overwhelming, as they arrived to school laden down with all sorts of home baking and confectionary. All funds raised will be used to provide additional activities for our Réalta July summer programme, such as horse riding and pottery. Many thanks to all involved.

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Primary School Sports 2016.

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Scoil Eoin was very well represented at the Primary School Sports at An Ríocht, Castleisland last Saturday. We won the girls 3rd/4th class relay, girls 5th class relay as well as three individual gold medals, one silver and one bronze medal. Congratulations to the following pupils.

1st Class: Emily Flynn, Amanda Duyile and Jocelyn Cushen.

2nd Class: Jake Carmody, Jennifer White and Fionnán Ryan.

3rd Class: Lucy O’Connor.

4th Class: Cara Gannon, Lily Ryan, Caelainn Richardson and Stephen Barrett.

5th Class: Rachel O’Donnell, Paula Holmes, Jada Clarke and Gearóid Meehan.

6th Class: Ellie Stack, Lara Flynn, Kirby Ann Ryan and Grace O’Connor.

Many thanks to Mr. Robert Kennedy for organising the teams and for his support as always at the event. Maith thú!

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Scoil Eoin annual sports day….

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Scoil Eoin held their annual “School Sports Day” on Friday last at a sun drenched Connolly Park. The weather could not have been  better and made for excellent underfoot conditions for all our young athletes. With sun screen applied and plenty of fluids on board, the children proceeded to give an exhibition of athleticism and sportsmanship. As usual, the event was very well marshalled by our teachers and SNAs and it is fair to say that every child had a ball. Everyone who took part in our sports day was a winner, but in the spirit of competition, only one class per year could claim the bragging rights of being outright champs for another year. The following are the list of winning classes:

1st Class: Mrs. Siobhán Meehan’s class.

2nd Class: Mrs. Madeline McCarthy’s class (after a sudden death race off against Ms. Brenda Burkes class).

3rd Class: The red team (split between the three 3rd classes).

4th Class: Ms. Catherine Ryan’s class.

5th Class: Ms. Carmel Broderick’s class.

6th Class: Mr. John Brosnan’s class.

What a day it turned out to be and special mention needs to be given to the Austin Stacks club for facilitating our sports day on their club grounds. The pitches were in impeccable condition and some club volunteers were on hand to assist on the day as well. They also provided an mouth watering spread of refreshments for our staff, including teas, coffees, cold drinks, sandwiches and sweet treats. Míle buiochas to all involved at the Stacks club for their kind hospitality. Special mention also needs to be given to Mr. Joe McMahon who worked so hard behind the scenes in organising our sports day. As usual, Joe did a fantastic job and the whole day ran smoothly and passed off without incident. So very well done to you Joe.

Upon completion of the events in Connolly Park, the children returned to our school where a trophy presentation ceremony was held in the schools main yard. Our principal, Mr. Kieran O’Toole presented the winning classes with their trophies, to much excitement from the gathered masses. He also highlighted the importance of keeping fit and healthy and the important role sports can play in all our lives. So well done again to everyone who made our “School Sports Day” one to remember.


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5th class school tour…..

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All of our 5th class pupils headed to Kenmare last Wednesday for their annual school tour, and what a day it turned out to be. The destination of their road trip was Star Adventure Centre, where the children took part in a range of activities, including; kayaking, boat building, banana boating, orienteering, archery and obstacle coursing. And of course, the weather was fantastic to boot. Everyone involved had a fantastic time and the centre could not have been a better destination for an all action school tour.

IMG_0211 IMG_0184 IMG_0201 IMG_0209 IMG_0195 IMG_0193 IMG_0189 IMG_0190

S’Lawn’ Jimmy!!!

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It’s hard to believe that after thirty eight years of service in Scoil Eoin, the legend, Jimmy Diggins is to retire at the end of the month! As part of the celebrations each class has dedicated a notice board to Jimmy. This idea was the brainchild of Mrs. Veronica Donovan who, along with Lilian Culhane is organising the grand farewell. On viewing the boards it is clear to see how much Jimmy means to all the pupils and staff here at Scoil Eoin. Mrs. Kayrena Bolger did an ‘A to Zee of Jimmy Dee’ board which really describes all of Jimmy’s fantastic qualities. The catchphrase ‘S’Lawn Jimmy’, was cleverly coined by Lilian Culhane. Watch this space for more celebrations over the next few weeks!

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Míle Buíochas le Séan agus Rena.

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I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Rena O’Connell and Mr. Séan Farrell for taking over my blogging duties while I was out on maternity leave! Míle buíochas and I hope that you won’t miss it too much 🙂

Carol Anne O’Donoghue

Congratulations Carmel :-)

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Wedding bells are ringing once again here in Scoil Eoin. One of our fifth class teachers, Carmel Broderick got engaged to her long term boyfriend Alan last weekend. We wish Carmel and Alan all the best in their future together

IMG_20160530_104305948 IMG_20160530_104314759

Community Garda visits 5th and 6th classes….

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On Friday, there was great excitement in the senior building when our 5th and 6th classes got a surprise visit from one of our local Community Guards, Garda Kathy Murphy. She proceeded to give the children a talk about the dangers that lurk every time we use our electronic devices to access content online. She made the children aware of some of the most common dangers and strategies to avoid getting into personal difficulty. After this discussion, Mrs. Murphy fielded questions from the enthusiastic children about all things Garda related. The visit was very well received and Scoil Eoin would like to thank Mrs. Murphy and Tralee Garda station for giving us some of their valuable time.









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